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listen | the Tarantula Waltz

i accidentally discovered the Tarantula Waltz (musician and songwriter, Markus Svensson) while searching for another YouTube video. the “Scandinavian Minds” video i found distracted me from my original mission. i looked for more videos by the Tarantula Waltz, but i wasn’t terribly impressed by their full band performances…

recently, i came across the video for “Majestic Jaws”, and was once again spellbound. the obvious comparison to draw is between Markus Svensson and Kristian Matsson of the Tallest Man on Earth: both are Swedish, both perform under an alias, both are influenced by American roots music to create their own dark versions of finger-picked guitar based indie-folk. but they are also quite different. have a look at the following videos to draw your own conclusions.

“Scandinavian Minds”

(go to 1:00 to skip Justin Townes Earle talking about the introduction of crack cocaine to American society…)

“Majestic Jaws”

(go to 0:30 to get right to the song without the artistic intro shots…)

“Erase the Space Between Us”

(go to 0:30 to miss the Swedish intro…)


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