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coming soon | Trampled by Turtles’ Stars & Satellites – April 10th

i have a ritual. when the Winnipeg Folk Festival‘s preliminary line-up is released each spring, i go to each band’s website, MySpace page, or whathaveyou. i assess how the festival’s beginning to look to see if i’m going to make the trip home, or find something else to do with my summer holidays. but it’s also because the team that books acts for the festival are very good at what they do. every year, during my WFF line-up internet sweep, i discover at least a handful of new acts that i love. Trampled by Turtles was one of my finds from last year’s line-up. unfortunately i wasn’t able to make it to the festival, and the TBT show in Vancouver was sold out last summer. so i’m *still* itching to see them. Red Cat Records just got tickets for their show: i’ll be picking those up a.s.a.p. as to not miss out on these guys yet again.

their new album Stars and Satellites is being released on April 10th. the album trailer is below; you can also listen to the studio version of “Alone” on their website. “Alone” starts off simple and hushed: solo vocals and the gentle banjo and guitar picking is most prominent. then, about two thirds of the way through the song, a gorgeous crescendo: round vocal harmonies, the twinkling, thumping, droning of strings being plucked and bowed. the orchestral sound’s so large it hardly seems possible “Alone” could have been recorded live in a cabin.

really looking forward to the new album (and possibly direction), as well as their Vogue show in Vancouver BC on May 26th.


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