‘cover story’ | Caitlin Rose covers Fleetwood Mac

i’ve always had love for Fleetwood Mac. from the Rumours songs ever-present on classic rock radio i listened to as a kid, to their reunion album Tango in the Night, to their early british blues incarnation headed by Peter Green. their style, though always shifting, holds a certain sense of nostalgia for me. and through those shifts, Mick Fleetwood & John McVie (after whom Peter Green named the band) prove themselves to be an extremely tight, skilled, and versatile rhythm section.

i had heard of Caitlin Rose, but never paid her much attention, until seeing her open for Justin Townes Earle and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit this past fall. her demure appearance gave way to a confident ‘just one of the boys’ stage persona. that, combined with her ability to belt out a song sold me on her. she impressed me that night with the humourous “New York”. check out a great performance of that song here.

i bought her album and fell in love with “That’s Alright”. while looking up the lyrics online, i found it was a Fleetwood Mac cover, which impressed me even more. a trip to her website showed her performing another Nicks’ cover; a stop on YouTube uncovered her version of “Say You Love Me” written by Christine McVie. Though the video quality is horrible (i can’t stand the sound clipping…), she does a pretty mean emulation of Christine’s voice, too.

thought i’d share my love of Caitlin, and our mutual love of Fleetwood Mac, to y’all. hope you like as much as i do.

Caitlin Rose – That’s Alright

This cover is on Caitlin’s album For the Roses, released in 2010. It stays pretty close to the original, but her rhythm definitely countrifies the feel of the song. “That’s Alright” originally appears on 1982’s Mirage, but was written back in 1974 by Nicks before she and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac.

And the Relatives w/ the Garland Sisters (Caitlin Rose & Tristen) – The Ledge

I found this track while cruising Vimeo for something non-Caitlin related, but found her in the video. “The Ledge” is from Fleetwood Mac’s experimental Tusk. At $1M to make, it was the most expensive album up to that point. Tusk’s sales were strong, but general consensus deemed the record a flop. And the Relatives is a band out of Nashville; Tristen is a singer-songwriter who toured Europe last winter opening for Justin Townes Earle, something Caitlin’s done a few times as well.

Caitlin Rose – Rhiannon

Caitlin features this video on her website, and I love it. The recording quality isn’t that great, but it showcases her voice beautifully. I think anyone that can emulate Stevie Nicks this well obviously has great vocal talent: her range and strength is beautiful. Apparently she went to great lengths to get this Stevie-ish look. She was dressed by Carmen at Closet Case Vintage in Nashville for the Mercy Lounge‘s 8th Anniversary party which was a Fleetwood Mac cover night.


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  1. thanks! i’m glad you like it.

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