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Justin Townes Earle’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change…” Out March 27th

i tried hard not to like him. really hard. i ignored all his press. i skipped his stage time at festivals. all because of his name. a little too loaded, i figured. this guy’s bound to have an attitude. and, i bet he’s just skating by on his names anyway; he probably not even that good…

then, i heard midnight at the movies. i was going through a bit of a 50s country kinda thing at the time, and when “What I Mean to You” came on, i started listening. next came “They Killed John Henry” and “Mama’s Eyes”, by “Dirty Rag” i was a convert. before i got to the end of “Poor Fool” i was looking online for his discography. i have since acquired Earle’s earlier releases (Yuma EP, and The Good Life – my favourite, Midnight being a close second) as well as Harlem River Blues.

JTE’s new album, Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now, will be out March 27th from Bloodshot Records. a trailer for the album made by friend Joshua Black Wilkins is posted at Justin’s site, along with a free download of the title track.

the video has some “behind the scenes” style footage with Justin Townes Earle’s all-star band including Amanda Shires, Cory Younts, and Bryn Davies. from the small clips in the video and the download of “Nothing’s Gonna Change…” the album has a slow, bright, warm sound to it, one that I’m looking forward to hearing in full as spring starts to unfold.

i wonder, with all the instrumentation and thoughtful arrangement on this album, is Justin going to be touring with a full band this year? can’t wait to find out!


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