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John K Samson’s ‘Provincial’ out January 24th

this year marks my 15th anniversary of living in vancouver, canada, yet anyone that knows me will tell you: you can take darcy off the prairies, but you can’t take the prairies out of her.i’m a flatlander at heart. i grew up in winnipeg, a city of extremes: -50º celsius in the winter with wind chill, 40º celsius in the summer with humidex. manitoba’s northern lights and sun dogs are permanent images in my mind; as are the miles of waving flax fields and 11 o’clock hour-long sunsets.

John K Samson caught my attention many years ago using these images of my home and kindred feelings of having to leave and needing to stay (or vice versa…) in the songs on the Weakerthans debut album Fallow. for me, his songs had the ability to allay the feelings of solitude that normally come with waves of homesickness. Samson kept my attention by continuing to grow as a songwriter, storyteller and poet on the 3 Weakerthans albums that followed.

after four fantastic full-length albums with the Weakerthans, John K Samson now strikes out on his own. 2010 saw the release of his EPs City Route 85 and Provincial Road 222. the EPs were a short collection of stories from these specific locations. Samson’s full length album Provincial is out January 24th on Epitaph-Anti Records, and includes new recordings of the EPs as well as unreleased material. he has immaculate sense of setting and has a way of honouring the beauty in the smallest details.

Samson’s already released “Letter in Icelandic from the Ninette San”, posted here by Brooklyn Vegan. heartwrenchingly beautiful. incredibly personal.

already got my tickets for the march 31st show at the Biltmore in vancouver. how ‘bout you?


One comment on “John K Samson’s ‘Provincial’ out January 24th

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