show | Atlas Sound @ the Biltmore, Vancouver BC

rarely do i encounter a band or artist that forces my eyes closed during a live show; however, Bradford Cox‘s performance as Atlas Sound last night caused this reaction in me. the sounds he creates, the looping and layering that comes so easily to him, baring blind instinct and emotional process for all to experience: […]

list | seven best dead lover songs

valentine’s day in our house is a lot like new year’s eve: sometimes we feel like celebrating, sometimes we don’t. when we do, it’s usually because we’ve recently realised that we missed our anniversary (which falls just before new year’s eve…), and we should do something… k* and i feel that rather than blowing the […]

listen | the Tarantula Waltz

i accidentally discovered the Tarantula Waltz (musician and songwriter, Markus Svensson) while searching for another YouTube video. the “Scandinavian Minds” video i found distracted me from my original mission. i looked for more videos by the Tarantula Waltz, but i wasn’t terribly impressed by their full band performances… recently, i came across the video for “Majestic Jaws”, and […]

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s Black Cab Session

Bonnie Prince Billy – Black Captain from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo. this is the 100th recording from London’s Black Cab Sessions.  for any Portlandia fans out there, this reference will resonate: the 1890s are alive in Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy… he’s an eccentric man, to say the least, and has rocked the turn of the […]

coming soon | the Shins :: Port of Morrow – March 20

You gotta hear this one song; it’ll change your life, I swear. that’s what Natalie Portman says to Zach Braff in the film Garden State before introducing him to the Shins‘ “New Slang” (check out the scene here, if you haven’t seen it). it certainly changed the face of indie rock when they released their first album Oh, […]

‘cover story’ | five best Springsteen covers

Bruce Springsteen is a songwriting and performing legend. his songs bleed working class New Jersey. when i was young, my mom loved Springsteen’s The River and Born in the USA. at the time, i just thought it was “mom music”. after developing an appreciation for Americana and Roots music, i rediscovered ‘The Boss’. the first song […]

show | Alabama Shakes (w/Quiet Life) @ the Media Club, Vancouver

i heard about the Alabama Shakes through a tweet. i’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but really, i’m just glad i heard of them. the Live from the Shoals video for “Hold On”  was trending, and it’s no wonder why. it’s hooky, upbeat, and Brittany’s passion and pipes give me goosebumps. so back in November, […]

review | First Aid Kit :: The Lion’s Roar

despite their recent emergence onto the North American music scene, Sweden’s First Aid Kit introduced their music to the public back in 2007. the sisters sent their demo Tangerine to a Swedish radio station, and it received airplay that summer. Joanna and Klara put out the EP Drunken Trees in 2008; their debut full-length album The Big […]